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Solutions Partner

Our Digital Heroes

BraveWatch has partnered with Our Digital Heroes Foundation to support our Veteran community by committing to employ homebound disabled Veterans under the Veteran Augmented Security (VAS) program.

The Our Digital Heroes Foundation was created in 2015 by a group of disabled veterans and their friends to combat the extraordinary suicide levels among recent combat veterans. Many of these veterans sustained highly debilitating wounds, both physically and emotionally, which leave them unsuitable for a traditional workplace environment. In particular, the ODH Foundation targets disabled veterans who are generally homebound, with the intention of enabling them to work effectively from the security, convenience and comfort of their own homes. ODH Focus groups with disabled veterans identified several key points:

  • Disabled veterans often feel abandoned by the government and people they sacrificed for
  • They tend to be uncomfortable around civilians who do not understand them, their motivation, their journey or challenges.
  • They seek a career which will be fulfilling and allow them to earn money to support their family.
  • They often resent having to rely on the government’s disability pay for their survival.
  • The amount of that pay is limited and families usually require more than this for basics. Spouses are often unable to work themselves, as they assume a full-time role caring for their veteran.
  • They want to serve on a team, such as those to which they belonged while in the military.
  • They seek the camaraderie of fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to whom they can relate and understand
  • They want to continue to serve their country, preferably through providing security to their countrymen as they did when they served on active duty. They continue to see themselves as warriors despite any physical limitations.
  • They need an honorable mission. They do not want to be telemarketers. They want to know that their efforts are making a difference in keeping the nation safe.

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